Mass marketing techniques and efforts fall on deaf ears. Customers, these days, have a distinct set of expectations, which cannot be fulfilled by adhering to the one-to-many approach. It thus becomes a pressing need for you to adopt a well-integrated approach while reaching out to customers via communications. You must transform customer-facing documents into a more powerful communication tool. Embed captivating designs, relevant and personalized offers- all in one go. Sounds too good to be true? Well, transpromo marketing, orchestrated by CCM, does it all.

Let us understand the implications of aforesaid.

Transpromo Marketing

Transpromo marketing is a combination of transactional and promotional messages, placed at the bottom of bank statements, on the back of the sales receipt, or are embedded in invoices. It utilizes myriad transactional documents as an avenue to present promotional or educational messages to prospects and/or existing customers. For instance – while planning for an itinerary, customers are likely to visit different travel websites & apps to seal the best deal. They fill their contact details while booking hotels, tour guides, and restaurants, paving way for organizations, like yours, to embark on a transpromo marketing journey. From here, you can piggyback targeted promotions and advertising onto existing transactional related documents. Captivating images and personalized offers, embedded in a statement, will draw the receiver’s attention over receiving dull, dry and static communications.

Practical case

A 30-year old Senior Sales Inspector, who frequently visits Mexico, receives his monthly phone bill and gets to know about discounts and benefits that he can avail while booking flight tickets from a segregated set of airlines. Perhaps, this man wasn’t aware of such deals & discounts. But, after reading through his phone bill, the advertisement is likely to be registered in his memory and chances are slightly high that he would take the offer into consideration.

Why YOU must leverage statements & invoices for promotions

  • High Open Rate of Transactional Documents – Bills, invoices and statements have the significant financial information and transactional details that demand a receiver’s action. The open rate of transaction documents unquestionably exceeds other types of direct response advertising document
  • High Click Rate/Conversion Rate – Bills and statements get more attention than any other form of communication. As a result, marketing messages included in these types of e-mails and documents have a higher click rate and conversion rate.
  • Cost Efficiency – Transactional Email messaging eliminates the need for costly traditional paper inserts.
  • Customized Offers – Offers that are embedded in transactional documents can be personalized as per the customer’s demographics, business drivers, and other criteria.
  • Higher Returns – Statement-based marketing targets existing customers. This will provide an opportunity for your organizations to up-sell and cross-sell your products and/or services, resulting in a higher share of customers’ wallet and improved bottom-line profits.

CCM- the key driver behind making transpromo marketing a BIG HIT!

Customer Communication Management (CCM) is the driving force behind enabling organizations to reach out to customers with targeted, personalized customer-facing communications across touchpoints, such as Email, SMS, web, print, etc. It also enables customized offers to be automatically generated within the document itself, based on business rules and criteria and can be delivered to customers as per their preferred engagement channel.

Render the right tool and influence your customers’ purchasing pattern

Adopt an integrated approach to transpromo marketing and witness the untapped value of existing customers. Render the right tool, CCM, and maintain end-to-end integrity while rolling out communications, varying from a customer’s transactional details to operational visibility and minimizing costs to regulatory compliance.