Food with integrity

The same motto that made Chipotle one of the most Innovative companies in the world, now has put them in hot water/salsa. The recent E-coli-gate has caused almost a 40% drop in share prices in three months and a huge hit on customer loyalty. Personally, it has made a huge impact on my life. It has taken significant will power on my end to not do my daily pilgrimage to Chipotle for lunch. While I pine for a burrito bowl, I’ve been trying to figure out ways of how to take my beloved Chipotle out of its current situation short of bribing the FDA (yes, which I know is illegal). Now I don’t know much about Food Safety or Quality Standards (Other than that they should be good) but I do know something about Case Management. Which makes me ask the question:

Could a Case Management platform help Chipotle?

So let’s take a look at how a platform like Case Management could be used by Chipotle to manage the situation they are currently in.

  • Supply chain management: What makes Chipotle unique is also what makes Chipotle so complex: Fresh, locally grown organic food. This requires really sophisticated and complex supply chain management. The only way to achieve this is by creating sophisticated and transparent processes that can handle different suppliers and quality standards. Case Management is a sure shot winner in this area. Using a robust platform, Chipotle can ensure that processes are well executed and are specific to the requirements of the suppliers.
  • Mobile based Field Safety Inspection: Imagine this scenario – You have a quality inspector powered with Case Management apps on their mobile phones/tablets. They go to a restaurant, do their quality inspections using mobile checklists, take pictures and capture data directly on their phone. Based on rules and analytics, the app tells the inspector if additional information is required. As well as provides them with a predicted quality index. If the index is poor, the app can provide the inspector with additional questions or data inputs that may help refine it or confirm the red flag. It also provides the inspector with contextual information for previous trends at that location or similar locations. The app suggests what to do next. Armed with this information, the inspector now can now make a qualitative decision on the best path forward.
    What did we use here – A simple mobile device powered by a digital orchestration engine ie. Your case management platform which includes analytics, flexible processes and intelligent data and image capture.
  • Connect their people, processes and systems: Chipotle currently uses multiple systems across functions like ERPs, content management systems etc. By connecting these systems together and creating an orchestration layer, they would be able to monitor their systems at a higher level and collect data to get real insight into what is going on in their value chains.
  • Recalls Management: Recalls are hard to do. They are expensive, challenging and always difficult to put in place. But this does not mean they need to be unpleasant or a hurdle in your growth. A flexible Case Management solution will allow specialists, management, quality standard folks even regulators to collaborate together to create the right fit recall plan in a transparent manner. It will also allow companies like Chipotle to change their current recall processes easily to adapt to this new plan.
  • Transparency: Transparency in the recall, as well as any other policies, is critical for Chipotle’s ratings. By recording all their activities and maintaining clear definitions of rules and audit logs, they can provide this as evidence to the FDA whenever required.
  • Claims Management: A customer’s claim resolution should be as easy as eating a burrito. With the current dip in customer loyalty, it is critical Chipotle focus on building great experiences even in negative circumstances. For this their claim resolutions need to be swift and clearly defined.

So let us know what you think! How will case management help Chipotle?

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