Are you faced with challenge of retaining customers? Are transportation/processing delays resulting in customer churn? Are you paying huge costs to physically transfer customer information from the branches to the processing centers?

In the insurance industry, where customer service is highly document intensive and process cycles last multiple days, the importance and need for innovative technologies to gain a competitive edge is critical. Some of the major challenges faced by insurers in processing claims include:

  • Missing data
  • Submission delays – transportation of documents
  • Data entry errors

The answer to these problems is ‘Mobile Capture’. Insurance workers in the field can leverage on mobile capture technologies to capture customer information at the point of contact with the customer and deliver this information electronically to enterprise applications for processing. Field executives simply need to snap photos of customers’ driver’s licenses, insurance cards, etc., and subsequently route the resulting digital information via a mobile app to a central site for processing. Thus, Mobile Capture enables insurance companies to connect decentralized insurance agency networks and reduce cycle times for processing claims.

Business Benefits

  • Real-time communication
  • Paperless environment
  • Digital storage of data
  • Reduced cycle times for processing claims
  • Enhanced customer experience
  • Cost savings
    • No scanning required
    • Reduced courier costs
    • Duplicity and storage costs