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Hello Reader,

Some technologies intrigue us and some excite us, don't they? But hyperloops do both! They are the futuristic mode of freight transport where pods travel without air resistance, magnetically levitate and glide with tremendous speed and efficiency- all in vacuum tubes! That’s going around the Earth in less than a day!

Living in such exciting times is indeed surreal.

We can feel a similar electrifying impact of another kind of technology - that is “digital”. We are digitally transforming the way we work and connect with our customers to keep pace. A digital platform that is powered by ECM, BPM and CCM can go a long way in getting it all right!

As we bid 2017 a goodbye and hyperloop into 2018, we are sure of one thing- workplaces and the way we talk to customer is getting "digitally exciting"! And we have just begun!

  7 Effective Ways to Go Digital with Intelligent BPM   Quick steps to Robotic Process Automation

There are innovative methods to leverage intelligent BPM (iBPM) in your organization such as- focusing on holistic customer experience, continuously improving business processes, modernizing legacy processes, putting "value webs" on the fore and so on. With iBPM you get a set of capabilities that can cover structured as well as unstructured aspects of your digital processes that gives your enterprise a cutting edge over others.

We cover all this and more in this whitepaper:

7 Effective Ways to Go Digital with Intelligent BPM.


RPA Implementation promises higher efficiency, employee engagement, reduced costs and better overall customer experience. Considering the improved outcomes of RPA, you struggle where to begin. You would also want to know what exactly RPA is all about and what its definitely not. We have made it easy for you by giving you some easy steps to navigate through. For instance, you can begin by identifying the top three process candidates for RPA implementation in our organization.

Here are several more 'not-to-be-missed' ideas in this whitepaper: Creating Business Value with Robotic Process Automation

  Customer Case Study: Enhance Customer Experience in your Health Plan   Scoring a Banking Golazo with Digital Ammo

Fortune 500 Healthcare payer faced massive challenges due to long turn-around times and duplication of cases. All of this stemmed from the lack of apt automation. We solved this by streamlining their grievances and appeals processes powered by our ECM and robust BPM framework. The Health plan could then extend customer delight as a result of this initiative.

Read about the digital journey of this Health Plan that brought about great results for all to see.


A Golazo is an amazing "goal" in Spanish, "Stunner" in English. For a digital banking stunner, banks need to deliver a great customer experience. You can score a stunner once by fluke but scoring digital banking stunner consistently over time requires something more. There are seven things that must come together to deliver a digital banking stunner!

This video addresses how to deliver one.

  Gartner Newsletter: Future of ECM and how does it change your business?   Blog: Better Connected Enterprises via Smart Apps: Switching to Mobility Model

ECM is evolving to enable digital business heads to manage, use and re-use as per their business needs. The answer to these evolving needs is Content Services that help your business leaders gain greater control over multiple content repositories.

This newsletter, developed by Newgen in partnership with Gartner takes a deep dive in the future of ECM and its impact on businesses.


Enterprise smart apps can facilitate their end-users to be available for customers across time zones and geographies. There are smart apps for different industries that can spur business transformation. Business users can perform a host of activities leveraging smart apps such as capturing data, attaching documents etc.

This blog gives us a crisp overview on Enterprise smart apps that drives results.


Customer Speak

“Adopting to the Newgen platform has helped us tremendously in terms of the lead time in processing an application. What used to take almost 2 weeks earlier now takes around 2-3 days to close. Additionally, it has helped us transform digitally. We are much more in control of our processes and have enhanced visibility on performance”

Mr. Gopinath Pillai
Director - CLAS Singapore


From the Horse's Mouth

“When digital transformation is done right, it's like a caterpillar turning into a butterfly, but when done wrong, all you have is a really fast caterpillar.”

George Westerman
Principal Research Scientist,
MIT Sloan


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